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Human Genome at Super Resolution

By August 31, 2021No Comments

A better understanding of the detailed structure, mechanism, and function of the human genome can illuminate biological mysteries about genetic function and yield important clues about the origins of genetic changes that give rise to dysfunction and disease.

Such detailed understanding begins with the ability to see the entire genome in super-resolution at a maximum close-up.

Now, to propel these efforts forward, the Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science of the National Institutes of Health has awarded a $11.2-million, five-year grant to a team of researchers led by Ting Wu at Harvard Medical School, Nicola Neretti at Brown University, Erez Lieberman Aiden at Baylor College of Medicine and Marc Marti-Renom at the Centre Nacional d’Anàlisi Genòmica – Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona.

The grant, which runs through March 2026, establishes the Center for Genome Imaging, with half of the funding going to HMS and the rest divided among the three other groups.