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About Science in Boston

As scientists ourselves, we know that science is accelerated by collaboration and connection, but that the busy, demanding lifestyle of a scientist makes this challenging. Thus, we saw the need for a central resource that connects local scientists, provides them with a platform to share their ideas, and helps them stay current with the news, events, and jobs within their local scientific community. This inspired us to launch Science in Boston in the summer of 2019.

Science in Boston is your complete source for all the life science news and events happening in your city. The Science in Boston website and weekly newsletter provide researchers and medical professionals with breaking news, in-depth articles, and insightful commentary on what is happening around them. By supplying scientists with a resource for the local news and events that affect them, Science in Boston fosters learning and collaboration within scientific communities, ultimately supporting the advancement of science and medicine.

What’s Next?

We’ve already launched Science in Seattle and Science in Vancouver, but we’re only getting started! We’re currently working on bringing it to several more scientific communities across North America and Europe!

We are passionate about science communication, and our goal is to serve as a global information hub for local communities of life scientists in academia, industry, and medicine, driving the advancement of scientific discovery by fostering growth and engagement among local scientific communities.

About STEMCELL Technologies

Science in Boston is provided by the Science in the City program at STEMCELL Technologies Inc. STEMCELL has been providing researchers working in the cell therapy, regenerative medicine and immunology fields with specialty cell culture media, cell isolation tools and accessory products since 1993. As Scientists Helping Scientists, at STEMCELL we understand that science doesn’t end at the bench. In addition to developing innovative research technologies, our mandate is to increase accessibility to scientific information and to foster communication and collaboration among scientific communities. As such, we are very excited to add Science in Boston to our existing repertoire of science communication services, which includes Science News by STEMCELL Technologies, the Stem Cell Podcast, the Immunology Podcast, the Lab Coats & Life™ Podcast, and numerous other websites, webinars and videos. We hope you find Science in Boston valuable, and welcome any feedback or questions about our scientific services at