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#WhyIScience Q&A: A Computational and Molecular Biologist Helps Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists

By March 31, 2021No Comments

As a 13-year-old student in Italy, Elena Torlai Triglia stood at a crossroads. She and her classmates had to choose which subjects they would focus on for the next five years. This was a challenge for Torlai Triglia, who was interested in not just science, but also language, literature, art, and philosophy. After touring the science-focused high school and seeing the laboratory space, her decision became clear. “That lab just seemed super cool to 13-year-old me,” she said. “I wanted to use the tools in this laboratory.” Torlai Triglia first trained as an experimental biologist and later started doing more computational work, gravitating toward the collaborative environment of systems biology.