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TGF‐β‐Secreting Regulatory B Cells: Unsung Players in Immune Regulation

By April 8, 2021April 12th, 2021No Comments

Regulatory B cells contribute to the regulation of immune responses in cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergic conditions and inflammatory diseases. Although most studies focus on regulatory B lymphocytes expressing interleukin‐10, there is growing evidence that B cells producing transforming growth factor β (TGF‐β) can also regulate T‐cell immunity in inflammatory diseases and promote the emergence of regulatory T cells that contribute to the induction and maintenance of natural and induced immune tolerance. Most research on TGF‐β+ regulatory B cells has been conducted in models of allergy, cancer and autoimmune diseases, but there has, as yet, been limited scrutiny of their role in the transplant setting. Herein, we review recent investigations seeking to understand how TGF‐β‐producing B cells direct the immune response in various inflammatory diseases and whether these regulatory cells may have a role in fostering tolerance in transplantation.