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Dyno Explodes Out of Stealth Mode with $2 Billion in Deals with Biopharma Companies

By May 12, 2020No Comments

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Dyno Therapeutics came out of stealth mode with an official launch of its proprietary CapsidMap platform. The company leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to improve gene therapy. The CapsidMap platform allows it to design novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors that it believes can improve current techniques for gene therapy.

Dyno says that with its research-and-development and collaboration deals with biopharma companies, it is potentially eligible for more than $2 billion in upfront payments, research support, and various milestones and option fees. To date, it has announced partnerships with Novartis and Sarepta Therapeutics, which they also announced today.

With Sarepta, Dyno will handle design and discovery of novel AAV capsids to improve gene therapy for muscle diseases, while Sarepta will be responsible for preclinical, clinical and commercial activities. Dyno is eligible for more than $40 million in upfront, option and license payments during the research phase of the partnership. If Sarepta develops and commercializes multiple candidates for various muscle diseases, Dyno is eligible for more milestones, as well as royalties.